“I got that fire and it’s burning / So c’mon get at me.” – Been Waiting For, Lindsay Kaye

The passion and will to succeed can be described as a fire burning inside of you.  The driven motivation to accomplish life’s goals will never extinguish, unless allowed.  However, Lindsay continues to let the drive burn as she pursues her musical quest to the stage.

Raised in Jersey City, New Jersey, singer, songwriter, and performer Lindsay Kaye brings an exciting agenda to the scene with her presence and music.  A mix of Irish, Czech, and Cape Verdean, her diverse background is no different than her musical influences.  Growing up she was inspired by a wide range of artists such as Christina Aguilera, James Brown, Donna Summer, Tina Turner, and Freddie Mercury.  Choosing to follow in their footsteps, Lindsay decided to pursue her dreams and began performing at the age of 15.  She sang a medley of Broadway musicals in high school productions of West Side Story and Cats.  Lindsay was also given the honor of singing the National Anthem for her high school graduation being featured in the local newspaper.

Entering college, she decided to take performing to the next level under the guidance of her former vocal coach, Jody Joseph (singer, cousin of Jon Bon Jovi).  Lindsay started performing throughout New Jersey at cafes, and mall outlets in Atlantic City.  She had the opportunity to sing at the legendary Stone Pony in Asbury Park, in front of Jon Bon Jovi.  In 2006, she participated in NJ ICON, a music talent contest in which she placed Top 3.  During this year, Lindsay reunited with long time friends, Nemo and Sci of Jersey Boys Music.

Realizing the chemistry they have, Lindsay and Jersey Boys began working on developing her music.  She started writing lyrics over their eclectic beats creating that sound described as “fuego” (Spanish for fire).  This resulted in the moniker name “Fuego” being born due to the boisterous feeling on her tracks.  Her music resembles a fusion of Keyshia Cole’s raw vocals, Nelly Furtado’s distinct sound, and Tina Turner’s live performing style.  On March 16, 2010, Lindsay debuted her first album, Lindsay Kaye EP with five featured songs such as, “It Ain’t With You,” “Getaway Girl,” and “The Return (I’ma Do Me).”   She’s entertained crowds with original songs at Rutgers University, John Jay College, and various NYC open mic lounges.  Lindsay Kaye has natural energy with a combination of zest, seen and heard in her music.  “Being an all around entertainer and sharing my music has always been my dream.  When I’m up on stage, I want to draw people in and give them a show.  I want to mesmerize the crowd.  I want to take them into my zone.

Venues and Showcases

  • -Jam 4 A Cure, New Jersey City University, Jersey City NJ - May 2010
  • -Club Element, New York, NY April 2010 
  • -Spring Break Out 2010, Donnie Klang Showcase- Brooklyn NY- March 2010
  • -Old Navy, Hudson Mall, Jersey City, NJ-January 2010
  • -Bad Boy Showcase, Brooklyn Nights, Brooklyn,NY-January 2010
  • -Amarachi Lounge, Brooklyn, NY-January 2010
  • -Cafe Iguana, New York, NY-January 2010
  • -Project Ondoy Charity Event, Paramus, NJ-December 2009
  • -John Jay College "Keep A Child Alive" Event, New York, NY-November 2009
  • -Rutgers University "Halo-Halloween" Showcase Event, New Brunswick, NJ-October 2009
  • -Karma Lounge Open Mic, New York, NY-April 2009
  • -NJ Icon Talent Search, Cape May, NJ-June/August 2006
  • -LIVE Rock for Life Concert, Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ-January 2005
  • -Tinton Falls Lutheran Church, Tinton Falls, NJ-2005

What People say about Lindsay Kaye

"One thing that amazes me about Lindsay is her energy; the sky is the limit for her career" -Mo, New Jersey

"Full of surprises. Her versatility is so broad that once you've figured her out she comes out with something different and fresh" -Finesse from Triangle Offense, New Jersey

"A persevering, get it done, all work vocalist who's love, passion, and play time shown and sang through her music and lyrics" -MJ, New Jersey

"Lindsay Kaye's music touches my soul. Her words have so much passion behind them and I feel like I can relate to her songs. Us girls have felt like someone's "Getaway Girl" at some point in our lives, right? I love Lindsay Kaye and can't wait for more!" -Susie Shah, North Carolina